Caring Mommy Vs Wifey Sweet : The True tale Of a Working Mom

2.Dear Readers,

Heartfelt Greetings to You!!

This is my First ever Bog and my endeavor is to pour out to you,STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART, Most truly , always .Today I will touch upon MY STORY OF MOTHERHOOD which I am sure quite a few mommies of you would relate you…Would love to hear From you…


I believe I am Destiny’s Chosen Child…Life has indeed been an admiration for me though being a roller coaster throughout J ….falling in love and Motherhood being the two most beautiful interlinked chapters therein…I am destiny’s chosen child undoubtedly…My soulmate my hubby happens to be my childhood best buddy  ….. and I have promised him since childhood to stay by his dreams forever, no matter what adverse situations arise… as we grew up to become automobile engineers, our careers flourished immensely in a couple of years and we tied knot, life was almost a fairy tale…

My hubby has always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and as we were very young and not planning a baby immediately, we felt it was the best time for him to pursue his dreams…so he gave up his job to register a private limited company and I became the financial anchor of the house. Luckily I got my dream job in IKEA of SWEDEN and was on cloud nine. Little did I know that in less than a month of joining the new organisation, I will accidentally CONCIEVE…The biggest joy of being a woman came at a difficult hour yet me and my hubby both were equally elated at this most lovely blessing from GOD…

We decided to fight out the circumstances…Though I struggled physically juggling between my work in Sweden and India, emotionally and mentally I was hell bent to support my hubby in his endeavours…and I am glad I did….My Little Angel inside my womb knew mamma was standing by dad, n so he troubled me the least…My water bag burst on a flight back to Delhi from Frankfurt , I was ambulance lifted to hospital where our BUNDLE OF JOY was born of 32 weeks gestation….preterm yet perfectly fit…I was quite conscious during the C-section and when the doc gave me my little sonny to kiss, I felt ecstatic, smiling n crying at the same time…That moment was doubly special, not only was my little sonny born, so was a mother born in me…selfless pure motherly luv oozed out of me..I breast fed my baby from his first feed and cherished the best experience on this earth…I was sure to breast feed him solely for his first six months..The path seemed difficult as I have to also keep the promise to my husband, to support ourselves financially….I soon discovered my son was Lactose Intolerant, so my responsibility to feed him multiplied……

My official maternity leave was for 4 months..I held several meetings with my boss and HR that I would start working from home within 3 months itself and in return they must give me the leverage to work from home for my son’s first 6 months, and I would present myself in office for all important meetings..During the extra period after my maternity leave wherein I work from home they can choose to deduct a slice of my salary…My request was eventually accepted and I felt so proud of myself..I worked extra hard working from home as well my little one was always with me, with mamma around to feed him whenever my little boy was hungary…Afr 6 months I joined office and shifted to a flat quite adjacent to my office and continued to go home twice in between to feed my little one and come back..I must say my office was too supportive  and now they have made a maternity policy which gives all female employees the options to choose from any of the options, I initially proposed..and so was my darling husband..without there support I could have never got back to my mainstream profession with great ease along with being a satisfied mother…Today my little sonny is four years old and my hubby a successful entrepreneur…n I am so so glad I could do my best to both of my sweethearts…

The Point that I wish to highlight is that as Females we always have to choose, n our real strength lies in facing the truth and reinforcing our Belief in ourselves, that no matter what circumstances befall, we will leave no stone unturned to give our best, and on dear Almighty, leave the rest  …TrulyyoursRoma



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